Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sweet cheeks

I just think she is really sweet. Today she was crying in the car and William couldn't reach her mouth to put her pacifier in so I put her song on(Gracie - by Ben Folds). It took a second then she quieted down. Then the line in the song, "you're not a baby Gracie you're my friend", came on and William said, "Mommy, is Gracie my friend?" I told him she was and he said, "I'm a friend too." That brought a tear to my eye. I hope they will always be friends. It has been such a blessing in my life to always be friends with my siblings, I just want the same for them.

1 comment:

Jacie said...

How do I get to that online scrapbooking site you were telling me about? Are you guys coming here for Thanksgiving?

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