Thursday, September 06, 2007

Playing with Reven

Okay, I believe that this is the last of the pictures from our summer trip to the valley. Our good friends, Rob and Lexi, and their cute little boys came to visit from dental school in New York. We were able to hang out for awhile and it is always good to see them. Too bad they probably won't be coming again until school is out, and even then they won't be in Arizona. Oh, well. We are just going to have to go see them.
Reven and William, of course, pretended that the other was not even there and they just played by themselves. That is until they were getting ready to leave. Then they started running and diving on the couch together and laugh at eachother. It was really cute. I wish they could play more.


Rob and Lexie said...

DEBBIE!!!! those are the cutest pictures EVER. you HAVE to send them too me please! So i need to clear a few things up with those who read this, yes my SON is wearing a necklace and NO he is not a "girly" man. he just likes to be like mommy! And NO we probably wont be visiting for a while but Russ and Debbie promised to come see us, so we are excited!

Lynette said...

They look like they are having So much fun!!!

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