Friday, September 01, 2006

First Day of School

Here is Russ on his first day of P.T. school. Things are going great. It is a little overwhelming and a lot of reading but luckily it is all pretty familiar and interesting to him. His schedule is not that bad so I am happy, but the bike ride here is pretty challenging, especialy when you've been living in the flat Valley. But that should get easier. Last night (Thursday) we had a BBQ with all of his class and the 2nd year students. It was fun. There were a lot of poeple with kids and a lot of people with dogs, so William had a blast. There was a girl who had 2 dogs and the hair of one of the dogs was the same as William's. He loved that dog, by far, the most. He cried when he left. There were other dogs, like a cute beagle puppy and ginormous great dane puppy, but that one was his favorite. The great dane puppy was taller than William by a few inches so he might have been a tad bit intimidated.
Russ here: I just wanted to add my two cents. It is great here, except when I have to ride my bike. I love being so close to the mountains and forest. It really is beautiful. School is great and exciting. Yes it is overwhelming but it's all stuff that I like learning about. My teachers are great and very knowlegeable. I look forward to the next three years.
I just wanted to point out a couple of things in the above picture. It's pretty horrible but my varicose veins are getting pretty bad and are quite visible there on my right leg. Also I just wanted to point out my awesome Jack Bauer bag. It holds all of cool goodies just like the things that Jack Bauer would need in his day, like pencils, pens, highlighters, 3-ring binder, and physical therapy textbooks.
I gotta get going because there is mucho studying to do. Peace out.

Someone LOVES ketchup (pronounced: ch - chuch)

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Jacie said...

This is to Russ- I can't really see your vericose vein in that picture. Just so you know:)

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