Monday, May 24, 2010

Our new house

Here are pictures of our house before it was ours and before the repairs were made. So some things are different, but the house is not in any condition to take pictures of right now. And for some reason there is no picture of the kitchen.

This is the front, it is a very long house and looks better now that the mulberry trees (on the left) are covered in leaves. The little white picket fence is taken down along with the destructive vines. We had to repaint all the chipping white paint and it was easier to just take the fence down than try and scrape and paint it too. Here is our porch. It is super and I can't wait until we have a hanging swing.
Here is the laundry room that sits right off of the kitchen (which has the same floors and is all white).
Then you continue into this bathroom that serves as the master bath. You can sorta see the shower in the mirror.
It is connected to this room which is mine and Russ room. It is a small room, but not much need to go into our room, I have never understood huge master bedrooms.
Then on the other side of our room is this bathroom. We have now added mirrors. You can't see the pink tub because it is behind the door. Hopefully we will get that replaced soon.Then this is the kids room, it is huge and will be able to fit all three of them and more:)
This is an office, right off the front door. It has the built in book shelves that I love and right now serves as the computer room/craft room.
This is the living room. The orange is gone, and we love this fireplace!

Now we have reached the other side of the house which right now is being rented by my brother and his wife. This room is a really long room and they use it for a living room. When it is ours it will probably be a family room.
Then there is this cute little room that is going to be their babies room next week and will some day be my craft room.Then this room that is very large is their master room and will someday serve and a play/activity room for the kids.

Well, that is all I got for now. We love our house.


Emilie said...

I LOVE it! I have been trying to imagine what it looked like...and its great!! Can't wait to see all of it! Have you found out if your having another cute Gracie? Or another handsome William yet?

Sarah Millington said...

Debbie, That house looks so cute! How fun! We are house hunting right now, so hopefully soon I'll have pictures to share.

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