Monday, April 14, 2008

Inbetween Conference

This Conference was so wonderful. I can tell I am getting older because after every session was over I would say, "that's it, it's already over?". In between sessions on Sunday we took some peanut butter and jelly sandwich's to the duck pond and had a lovely picnic. It would have been perfect if it wasn't so windy.
Gracie loves sitting on her dads shoulders. She loves sitting on William's too and I need to get a picture of that because it is really cute.

William loves throwing sticks in the water and it was so windy part of the time that no matter how hard he threw them, they would not go in the water.

William also spent a lot of time jumping at a swarm of gnats trying to catch them saying, "come on guys, we have something to do." I am sure that is from a movie, but I have no idea what.

He finally did catch some.

My favorite talk in conference was by Elder Ballard. Loved it. You can read it here.
And I loved being able to sustain the new prophet, what a wonderful man he is.


Elyse Hall said...

I love your sons hair!! how long are you going to grow it?

Tyler and Jennie Carter said...

Those are really cute pictures! What kind of camera do you have...I'm on the hunt for a new one..(you know nice camera, but not super expensive)

Wasn't conference so good! I just read Elder Ballard's talk again last is so uplifting!

When are you going to be coming down here next...must get together!! I really want to do a session with you and Connie sometime at the temple...let me know?

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