Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dear Gracie,
I can not believe how fast you are growing up. It seems so much faster than William. You are such a fun baby. You make EVERYONE smile. Right now when you get excited you kick your legs a lot, which turns into jumping when you are in your saucer, or scooting when you are on your tummy. You squeal and get so excited to see William, Dad, or I. You cry most the time when you see someone leave the room or see us putting on our jackets. You roll all over the place. Your two bottom teeth have broken through and that wasn't fun a couple of days ago, but now you are fine. You are not crazy about solid food but you eat them much better now. You love sweet potatoes so we usually feed you them with something else every other bite. You sleep well, you only wake up to eat 3 times a night between 7 p.m.-7 a.m. (your Dad thinks this is too much). The past couple of nights you have woken up at a random time and not wanted to eat and not wanting to sleep (hence me typing this a 1:30 after being up with you and not being able to go back to sleep). Hopefully this is a trend that will not last. Luckily your brother sleeps through it all. You growl a lot and it is so dang cute. I can not get enough of you sticking your tounge out when you are happy. You are my sunshine, and since we are couped up inside all day because of the snow, this means a lot to me. Even though sometimes I have thought to myself, "what were you thinking having 2 kids, you can't do 2 kids!", I am so happy I did. Nothing else I could have done could make me as happy as you and William. I love you so much.

p.s. This is the face you make when you see the camera. Esspecially if you think you can get it.

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