Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Christmas Morning

So I guess I should explain Williams latest intrest to explain his gifts. He loves Thundercats. "What are the Thundercats?", you say. These are the Thundercats.

They were a hit cartoon series in the eighties and both Russ and I loved them. Well, Russ took William to the library and came back with the Thundercats DVD's. He has been hooked ever since. He asked Santa for a Sword of Omens. I had to get real tricky in making one becuase they don't make these anymore. And no one is selling them on ebay if they ever did.
Santa came and brought as requested the sword of omens. William did not know what to do with himself. He kept pacing the room with it in his hands saying, "this is the sword of omens." I don't know if he was trying to convince him or me.

Once when the sword was laying on the ground he said, "sword of omens, come to my hand" and then held out his hand. When it didn't come he moved closer and said it again. When it still didn't come he swept it up, turnded to me and exclaimed, "it came to my hand!"

After we opened Williams present from Santa we headed over to my families for christmas breakfast and opening presents.Lots of great presents were given and recieved, but I only have a picture of this present from Aunt Connie

Thundercats DVD's
Russ and I also made t-shirts for he and William with the Thudercats symbol on them. They turned out pretty good.

After awhile we went back to Russ parents and just had a great day visiting with family and having fun.

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