Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So I have never gotten as many comments as I did on the last post and I never knew how much I loved comments! So to show my gratitude I have posted an encore. Russ wanted me to do it again, but this is the last one folks. Can you believe the size of my belly. Now I don't feel as bad for the size it is now. Man, I don't miss being pregnant!


Rob and Lexie said...

New moves...same great product! Ha, I love it.

Emilie said...

Dang! I wish2
I could
dance like that. Sorry
, Charlie is helping me
type. He loves the Enter button. 000
0All he can rea0ch 0are6 /the numbers.
Awesome, I'd be up for more videos any time you feel the need. :)

The Layman Family said...

You are seriously awesome! We just love you! Mikey and I miss you guys!!

Sara said...

I LOVE these Debbie!! SO funny. Thanks for the laughs. If you moved that good when you were pregnant, I want to see your moves NOW!! WATCH OUT! :)

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