Monday, May 21, 2007

Straight A's

R finished another semester and we were both pleased to find out he got straight A's. He works very hard, but I am so happy that he has not been stressing when it isn't necessary and spending a lot of time with us too. He is so great. Just to give some of you of the kind of guy Russ is, at school he had the opportunity to apply to be a TA next semester which would give him a significant discount on tuition. At the beginning of the year he was excited about it and planning on doing it. As the year went on and he realized that some of his fellow classmates pay out of state tuition and that is a lot more. He decided not to apply because he didn't want to get it if someone from out of state could. I was really impressed by that. Most people just seem to think of the ways it could benefit them, but he thinks of others and I think that's great!


Jennie said...

Congrats to Russell (is that his real name?)1 year down!!!

Kemptons said...

OK Russ I get it, you are better than me, your better looking, I'm not, You get Straight A's, I don't, You look dang sexy when you cook Sunday night dinner, I don't. The list can go on forever. Good job with the grades,


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