Sunday, August 27, 2006

Funny Little Guy

Okay, so here he is, our funny little guy. This is after we got home from church and I HAD to take a picture of him because he is so dang cute. These faces are his "cheeeese" faces.
And he did great in nursery today. Yipee! Hurray!!! (Letting him stand on the table was the only way to get him to smile because He wanted to go outside.)

This is us relaxing - he was really snuggly today and on those days I soak in every minute cause I know it won't last. He didn't even lay there for a full minute - oh well.

Also notice my beautiful blanket - yes it is as soft and luscious as you can imagine. Man, I love that thing, and I love that we are now in a place where it isn't crazy to use it.

Here are some random, but funny, pictures of William...

He has this great new habit of sucking and biting all four fingers, he loves horsy rides on Russ' shoulders, has a cute tush, and sometimes he just like to put his finger in his nose.

1 comment:

Jacie said...

William is the coolest!

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